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Update and map download

Hello Astrians,

Small update, spawn now has a new visitor, who will sell you specialty blocks that sometimes might not appear in the resource world for several months. He isn't cheap, but he is the most convenient way of obtaining blocks that you otherwise would have to be lucky to get, or have to wait several resource worlds for to obtain.

And for those of you who asked, here is the mapdownload from the old map:

~Astria staff

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1.10 Q&A

Hello Astrians,

As mentioned before there would be a post adressing all your questions and more before the server would relaunch. Well, here it is:

So when will this change take place?
We will be relaunching Astria, with the new map, friday the 5th of august at 9PM GMT+1 / 12PM PST / 3PM EDT. Keep in mind that with timezones this might be a little earlier or later for you. A countdown clock on the website will follow shortly.


Will we be able to bring over items from the other world to help kick start some of our projects/ the economy?
Short answer: No,
Long answer: Seeing as the map will be a fullout new launch everyone will start over, the only thing people will keep is their donation rank that they had on the old server. Anything else will need to be earned on the new server. We seen that the kill monsters economy favours those heavily that just kill monsters all day and we want to stay away from that whole ordeal. Mostly just allowing people to do what they like, be it exploring the map, building a lot, or just helping people out.

The new map will allow players to get their money a bit more regulated, roughly 1000 Astrals a day if you do everything, so the more you play the more Astrals you could aquire, both voting and doing daily quests providing you these astrals both plitting 50/50. The quests available will suit to everyone ranging from killing monsters, to mining, to exploring the world.

You're not forced to do any of these though, and you could even trade for goods with other players or just help them out with their own builds.


How will this new anti-grief work since we won't have towny anymore?
Instead of towny with upkeep we'll be using GriefPrevention. Now how will this work? Upon placing your first chest the 9x9 area around it will be automatically claimed by you, and with it a link to an introductory video if you need it. This area is now yours and nobody can touch anything in this claim including animals. As you start out you have 100 blocks to claim as yours, and the longer you play this claim goes up and allow you to claim more. So you start out, go mining for an hour, build your first house etc. 

On the ground will also be a goldblock and glowstone border, to show you how your current claim looks like, and you can use a stick to check it's dimensions and how many blocks have been claimed and by who. After your first claim you can safely move your chest around in it, this will not change your claim.

If you want to allow others to build on your claim you can /trust <player> to allow them to build on your claim. If you don't want them to build, but do have access to your chests, type /containertrust <player>. If you just want people to open your doors and nothing else, use /accesstrust. 

If you do want to move your claim, there are several ways. If you want to move your initial claim, type /abandonclaim and replace your chest elsewhere, this will claim the area around this chests again. Or once you have more land to claim, or want a added landclaim, you'll need a golden shovel. If you want to resize your current claim, just right click a corner with your golden shovel and then right click again on where you want the corner to go. If you want a new landclaim just right click on where you want the corner to go, and then right click again on where you want the oposite corner to go.

For anything outside your claim, please use /lock to lock your doors and chests.

And if there still is someone that griefed your house or build just ask a staff member and we are glad to help you out resolving it


Is there anything that changed regarding rules or layout?
As a trial we are having a community mine in the resource world, it's the first thing you'll see when going to the resource world and is open to everyone to walk down and start a mining trip from. It also has furnaces to smelt your ores just to help those out who would like to quickly smelt their ores without having to go back to their houses and then head back into the mine again. 

Another change is there won't be any warps, but we'll be using something called waystones. To obtain waystones you can buy them from the alchemist in his tower at spawn, either 1 for a specific location, in bulk, or all waystones for a small discount. And these will take you to different locations on the map. You will also get a few of these if you follow your introductory quest once you join the server. 
How you travel from these waystone locations is up to you though, if you want to build a railstation that leads to several locations, or perhaps make an underground ice boat track is all up to the players.


Anything completely new?
The map will feature brewing. You can ferment items in a heated cauldron, distill them in a brewing stand and age them in a barrel for several minecraft days. Which recipe leads to which type of drink is up for you to find out. Just know that the better you brew them the better effects you will get from your drink. 
And yes you can get drunk, and this will affect gameplay a little bit by wobbeling your character around against your will, chat being slurred if you drink too much and even waking up elsewhere when you get too drunk once you log out. We'll see if these features stay fun or will opt to remove a few if they start to get anoying.

Brewing will start simple at first, but we'll be adding several recipes for you to find out and will offer recipe rewards for those who win future contests.


This concludes the little Q&A for now, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
~Astria Staff

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1.10 Astria relaunch

Hello Astrians,

It's been quiet on the server for the last few months, interest has waned and the playerbase has been very small. But this summer will hopefully change that. How you may wonder?

We're going to relaunch the server with our 1.10 update. Some things will change, some things will stay the same. But with this we hope to get everyone playing again, to build together, and have an amazing time.

As mentioned in a forum post called "A thing?" you can all see a little teaser of what the map will have in store for you. The map will trump the size of the old Astriacraft map, roughly by a scale 15x. It's landscape will be bigger, more breath taking, and a joy just to explore, let alone build on. It's areas will be bigger so you won't feel cramped in building space. More continious space so you wont find an ocean at every side of where you want to build. Biomes ranging from plains as far as the eye can see to a treacherous volcano landscape just waiting to be conquered and lush coral reefs waiting to be adorned.

So what can you expect on our brand new map?
As mentioned some things will stay the same, some other things have been drastically changed. 1.10 will be seen as a restart, and with that everyone will start anew, the only exception being those who donated in the past will keep their donation ranks, you've bought these to support us and we will not be taking them from you as you start playing on the server again.

Spawn has been made smaller, easier to get around and easier to leave. No more wondering where you need to go. What is there has a reason to be there, and the rest of the map is up for you to explore.

As mentioned before the map is vast, and although we toyed with the idea of a railstation that the old map had, it isn't viable to travel up to 20 minutes by minecart to get around, so we are introducing waystone, provided to you by starting quest and buyable from spawn as an easy way to get to parts of the map. How you travel from there is up to you, and yes, railtracks are allowed.

The economy from the last map will be reset, and the old system of killing monsters to obtain Astrals has been removed. Everyone will start fresh and will be able to obtain Astrals through trading, quests and voting.

Towny is gone and replaced with a new system, and no longer will you be required to pump hours into trying to keep your town alive. You will now be able to claim blocks, it's amount increasing just by playing on the server longer.

And here we will end our sneak preview, but do expect updates in the upcoming days about the release date aswell as more detailed teasers of what is to come.
I am sure you have many questions, post them underneath, or on the forums and we will try and adress them in our upcoming posts.

Hope to see you there,
~Astria Staff

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Hello Astrians,


The server has updated to 1.9, and with that all the new content should now be available for you to play with. So go get your chorus plants, we all know that's what you've been waiting for.

We updated with most of our critical plugins updated, and sadly some of our cosmetic and gamemode ones didn't make it. They'll be added back later, either once they update, or once a suitable replacement is found.
Please let us know if something isn't working on the forums, and we'll try and solve it as soon as possible.

So what can you expect now that the server is updated. The end and the nether have gotten a reset, and the resourceworld now again is back to being endless. The area north of spawn will be released in the near future for you to build on, together with an elytra flight track. We'll be launching a new buildcontest for you to win prizes in and we'll be releasing our next dungeon for you to battle through and get some amazing rewards from. 

We hope to see you soon,
~Astria staff

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Astria and 1.9

Hey Astrians! 1.9 is finally coming out! It’s been a year and five months since 1.8 came out, and just over a year since Astria updated. We’ve been waiting quite a long time for this update. As with most updates, we need to wait for Spigot and most of our plugins to be able to run on 1.9, but rest assured that we’ll do our best to keep the server alive and well as we work out the kinks (meaning not crashing because of unexpected bugs with the update or certain plugins being horribad).

We had some ideas for 1.9 however we want your input too, both for the server itself and the map setup as we continue onwards.



For example if the community would like a place to try out the new update in a vanilla setting (meaning no plugins, no protections, nothing whatsoever) we are happy to say that we will create a new world for players to experiment in with the new updates. We will keep the old map saved, so your stuff isn’t going anywhere.

We hope to see many of you online to try out the new update in the future. And stay tuned as the server comes closer to updating. We have some plans for some of the new toys that will come with 1.9, a contest amongst them aswell as some cool event ideas.

Ofcourse if you have some idea, we are happy to listen. For example, why not revamp the server with plugins we've never had before?

~Astria Staff


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Merry Christmas

And a one, and a two... *a choir starts singing*

Hey Astrians,

Seasonal greetings and Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you all are having a wonderful few days with plenty of food, drinks and presents. Perhaps in the downtime between after dinner naps and uncle john singing christmas carols, why not swing by on Astria and give a few rounds of snowball fights a try? Use /pb join to start a match. Then find a partner and lob snowballs at each other. Use /pb leave when the match is over.

~Astria staff

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Shop currently disabled

Hey Astrians,

The shop is currently disabled until the shop provider has their stuff figured out. We'll update you once the shop is back.

Shop is back up again.

~Astria Staff

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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Hey Astrians,

Happy Thanksgiving, may your turkey be amazing and the skin nice and crisp. Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you online.
For our other players, no we won't have any turkey monsters to fight, that turned out to kill half the server when we tried it with easter. So it's safe to play, we swear!

~Astria staff

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Modded season 1.5

Hey Astrians,

So modded season 1 ended a long time ago, and after the new spawn, and some much needed under the hood updates (have you seen the server crash lately? Neither have I). We are now releasing our second season of modded for Astria.

This season we are going with a mod pack, partially because I'm hard to decide what to put in a custom one this time around, so that will be for another season, but also because some give a nice basework to start with for new players as their quests guide new players to modded content and what to do. And no more messing around with the custom launcher. 

This season we will be playing Agrarian Skies 2, which has been around for a little bit, but with that said has that nice start up feel into modded content. 

So how will you be able to play. Grab Agrarian Skies 2, version 1.1.14, from your favorite launcher of choice that provides it. Get the fix in that they promised a month ago. (How to is at the bottom of this post) and you are good to go for playing on modded.astriacraft.com. Talk with Mr Guide at spawn and after that you can play alone, you can play with others, just pick 1 of the free towers of choice and use your quest book to get started. If there are no more stones, just let me know and I will build more windmills ^__^

If you have anymore questions, just put them in the season 2 forums.

Happy modded,
~Astria staff

P.s The fix, with their last update they forgot to remove some spaces in one of their agricraft files. With this 8 items, seeds to be exact, don't seem to work. How to fix this:
Either download the new CustomCrop.txt and replace it with the one in config/Agricraft. Or go to your config/Agricraft/CustomCrop.txt and remove all the spaces between a ',' and discription. So AlchemicalWizardrybloodRune:0,3,1, Much quieter than hunting becomes AlchemicalWizardrybloodRune:0,3,1,Much quieter than hunting.

It seems like a simple thing, but that is indeed what removes 8 needed items to be able to quest proper. 

P.p.s When installing an alternate way then a launcher, do note that you need mc version 1.7.10 and forge version 1492.

For those with a multimc instance, you can also import this zipfile: AgrarianSkies2.zip

New spawn? New spawn.

A cool, damp wind brushes the hair from the back of your neck, and you glance around anxiously. The streetlamps flicker dimly in the darkness. Where is he? you think to yourself, shifting your weight nervously from one foot to the other. He said he’d be here…

The previous night, an unkempt man had beckoned you from the alleyway, giving you a nearly toothless grin. His beard was scraggly, his eyes were wild. “How’d ya like to see somethin’ new?” he had murmured, eyes darting restlessly around, as if looking for someone who had yet failed to appear. “Something new?” You had no idea what the man was on about, but he nodded excitedly as you repeated his words back at him. “Aye, somethin’ new. Somethin’ ya never seen ‘afore.” You shake your head, doubting the man’s sanity and backing out of the alley. He cackles at your nervousness. “Meet me att’a big noticeboard in the center o’ town tomorra’ night, an’ I’ll show ya.”

In spite of your best judgement, you found yourself gravitating towards the center of spawn by the time the sun began to set, and now you stand here in the dark, looking around for the man. You find the thought of something, whatever that ‘something’ might be, irresistibly tempting, and you have to find out what the crazy old man had been going on about.

As suddenly as a candle flame being snuffed out, the lamps around the center of the city are all blown out. The wind blows stronger at your neck, the smell of salt water and brine whirling around you. You feel slightly nauseous, and back up against the solid wood of the noticeboard. A low chuckle alerts you to the presence of someone else, and you look to your left to find that the man has seemingly materialized next to you. He grabs your arm and you try to pull away, but he is much stronger than he looks. “Righ’, somethin’ new,” he mutters, eyes alight with a feverish glee. Fear courses through you, but before you can attempt to fight his grip, you feel yourself being pushed against- no, through- the noticeboard. You plummet downwards, feeling your body being tossed and thrown in every direction, and you lose sense of what’s up and down.

As suddenly as the sickening whirling began, it stops. Your eyes are squeezed tightly shut against the gale, but as the wind subsides to what it was before, you slowly peel them open. You look around, and find yourself in a completely new location. The ground beneath you is obsidian, but cracked, and strewn haphazardly into the ground, pounded into the earth. The noticeboard appears the same, but as you turn around, a completely new sight meets your eyes.

Three gaping ruins glare at you, dark and looming maws for entrances. You stride forward to approach them, and find the stones to be cracked and crumbling. Upon closer investigation, you find clues that hint at their purposes. Vines and water surrounding one indicate the life of another world, where bright red rock and lava indicate a fiery hell in the depths of another portal. White, deathly looking stone adorns the third portal, and you decide it must signify another dimension entirely.

You continue on the path to the right, and see what appears to be a garden with a high iron fence. A man grumbles to himself, picking at a weed within the garden. You approach him, and he informs you that you’re intruding on private property, and unless you have business involving traveling with the waystones, to scram. As you walk back along the path, you glimpse what appears to be a huge, imposing castle in the corner of your eye. The doors are shut, but you’re curious as to what lays behind them. As you head back to the obsidian spot in the grass, you hear a shout. “Hey, you!” You turn, and lock eyes with a grizzled looking man. “New here, are ya?” The man offers to tell you a thing or two about the city, and you gladly accept his offer. Perhaps he can explain where you’ve ended up, and help you find your way around.

New spawn? New spawn.

Hey guys. So as you may have noticed, Astria is getting a new spawn. The aim of the spawn is to be prettier and easier to understand than the old one. Let us know if we hit that goal or not.

If you had a house in the old spawn, we’ll move it over to the new spawn, free of charge. If you want to buy a plot in the new spawn, contact an owner. Same goes for market stalls

Bugs can be directed to either Denn or Bacon.


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