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We have updated to 1.12!

Hey Astrians,

Come get your concrete!

The 1.12 update is live now on both server and currently it's looking good. Sadly we had to leave some plugins behind, but we trade that for way too cute parrots, near auto-crafting and concrete blocks, so that's all right in my book.
So as said, Bending is removed for now, once they update it we might consider adding it back, if we haven't found an alternative in the mean time. Other plugins currently missing are the random teleport, the dragon dropping an elytra on death, making campfires and the somewhat OP greenhouses.

But otherwise 1.12 should be completly functional and working but if you do manage to find something that is broken do let us know.


~Astria staff


Hey Astrians,

1.12 update is underway. Server will be offline for now until 1.12 update is done.

~Astria staff

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1.12 Announcement

Hey Astrians,

Another update? 

Mojang announced 1.12 to be released this Friday (They just anounced it will be wednessday the 7th). Which means that we will follow suit shortly after that.

If Spigot and our essential plugins are updated we will take that update almost instantly. This means that we might need to sacrifice some current plugins until they are updated at that point. Seeing plugin development across versions for minecraft isn't the most stable and continuous either it might also be that we won't see some plugins back at all.

Planned for the 1.12 update so far is that both Survival and Creative will update to 1.12. and with that the creative server will also get its current resource world replaced with a flat world and we'll get rid of that horrendous lag creative causes every 6 hours to both server when it saves.

Once 1.12 hits we will know more and will have you updated on Astria's update shedule and every plugin that is either removed or disabled until they are updated or replaced.

If you have any questions just place a comment down below,
~Astria staff

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Small updates

Hello Astrians,

Pagan mouths worship pagan gods; false idols for false promises.

1.11 launch is going smoothly, and 1.12 release is just around the corner so we're kinda on the downlow with updates. Seeing how the plugins we have now get used and only adding some quality of life changes until 1.12.

So with that, the weather shrine is back at spawn, the shrine everyone didn't know existed in the old map. Having a terrible rainy day? Slept multiple day and night cycles trying to get better weather and it's still storming like crazy? Then this shrine is for you. For the small, small price of having absolutely the worst of luck you can make it sunny with the press of a button.

The greenhouse plugin got a little tweak as being far too overpowered in its original state. So now you need to be close to your crops for them to actually benefit grom the greenhouse effect.

What can I say? I like it when it's raining, the fish bite better then.
~Astria Staff

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1.11 Launch and 1.10 world download

Hello Astrians,

Today we will softlaunch Astria 1.11, that means that you, faithfull astrian who has already played on the server, will have a few hours of headstart before we launch Astria into the wide world tonight at 9pm (euro time).

With this small headstart you are free to do as you please. Try out the new plugins, settle somewhere nice, generate more map as you explore or kickstart your emperium to achieve world domination. We want to use it to slowly ease the serverload.

If you find anything that doesn't work, or have some suggestions, just let us know and we will have look into it before the floodgates open tonight.

The server is open, see you online,
~Astria staff



World download 1.10 survival:

Also as promised here is the 1.10 world download before the world is changed into creative. It sits at a little over 800mb, so make sure you have enough space when downloading it.


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1.11 Release

Hey Astrians,

We got this! Whooo

So 1.11 is right at our doorstep, some people reached out to us and we discussed several things. And with that we shaped Astria 1.11 around a little bit,

So let's drop the finalized Astria 1.11 plan:

  • We will allow farms, as long as they are reasonable, on the server. This can be an automatic sugarcane farm, this can be a skeleton farms, whatever you can think off and create. Just keep in mind that you're not the only one on the server, so keep it reasonable. If it's starts lagging out the server we're going to give out warnings, or flat out tear the build down.
  • There will be no virtual currency. This is a change from our earlier proposed plan, and the reason for it is pretty simple, instead of trying to regulate farmed goods with an arbitrary price and trying to figure out a good way to balance not putting too much money into the economy or trying ways to get it out of the community we've just opted to remove currency altogether. We believe that item for item trade will be a good way to go forward and promote a little bit more of player interaction.
  • The resourceworld will be making a return. But not in the old way that we used it before. Resourceworld will become a singe amplified map, with monsters increasing in difficulty as you move out further and further. This has 2 reasons: 1) We want to give players who are looking for more challenging combat a way to go out and fight with monsters that are actually a bit of a challenge. 2) With the introduction of farms the need for actual resources becomes more focussed on non farmable blocks, which an amplified world has plenty off.
  • We will have a creative build world. Astria's 1.10 map, at hindsight, was a pretty good building world, but was pretty bad for survival, with lots of mountains and hardly any flat spaces to properly settle. So with the release of 1.11 we will change 1.10 to a creative map. You will be able to get there from spawn and can finish projects that you still have there, or start new ones you just want to build. For those who want just the survival map, we will release a world download before this change in the near future.
  • GriefPrevention. In 1.10 we tested out GriefPrevention over towny and we we're pretty happy with how it held up. Starting from what we learned, together with the voice of the community 1.11 will continue to have this plugin but the claimsize will be much bigger. Both Creative and Survival will have their own instance of Griefprevention, so the longer you play on a specific server the higher your claim amount becomes on that server.
  • There is no world border and there are more options for transportation. We want to give the players the freedom to settle where they want. So with that we are removing the world border and giving you the opertunity to settle where ever you feel like. Yes this will create some lag as you generate land, so keep that in mind when playing, but if you want to settle in a mooshroom island 5000 blocks away from spawn, you can. With that we are also enabling a bit more transportation. Railcarts will be a little bit smarter, allowing you to again make a railway to spawn, without having it take 20 minutes of a trainride. The nether will be available to hop from portal to portal, because why walk 80 blocks if you can do it in 10. Or perhaps just ride an airscooter there. 

These are the major points that we wanted to share. Ofcourse there will be more changes, but those will be a nice surprise when you log in.

See you at launch,
~Astria staff

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1.11 and you

Hey Astrians,

We've been working hard to get the server up and going for the 1.11 update and with that come choices. But instead of making that a single person's choice we're doing it by a community vote.

The rules will stay mostly intact, but we wanted to adress 2 points on it. First off the "No automatic farms allowed"

  • A fully automatic farm is defined as a farm that you can set up & walk away from your keyboard and continue to gather items or exp. If you need to stay at your computer to continue using the farm, then it is allowed as a semi-automatic farm.
  • These semi-automatic farms include farm animals such as Chickens, Cows, Sheep, Pig, Rabbits, Horses and Wolves.

We want your take on this, should we change the rules to allow these farms in the future?
Our two biggest concerns at the time was that it would have an impact on the player economy and an impact on the server with farms running all the time. The first concern is still there, but second concern (unless the farms become too massive) isn't there anymore.

On the flipside what is does allow is more resources to work with on builds, and having more time for players to gather non-automatable and finite resources.

The second rule is  "Mob farms are not allowed"

  • By simple definition this is farming monsters to get resources and currency. Doing this will result in a ban.
  • Methods of mob farming include, but are not limited to, keeping a room dark to spawn and kill monsters, being able to stand still while having your dogs kill mobs for you, funnelling monsters to be mass killed, having a village spawning infinite villagers, having a village spawn iron golems repeatedly, having an automatic monster farm or what ever else the staff deems to be a mob farm.

Most of the reasoning is the same as above, and the most important one is economic impact.
But currently we feel that within reason these farms could be beneficial to the player base. Being able to farm skeletons for bones to create bone blocks to build with for example or having a small supply of iron to keep your tools repaired and going to have you focus more on expanding your builds instead of having to worry about your axe breaking all the time.

We know that within reason might be hard to govern. What is reasonable and what becomes too big? But we also want to enable players to be less constricted with the blocks they can use in their build. 

So our proposal currently stands as follows:

  • We will remove the ability to gain currency from killing entities.
  • The Grand Exchange that we currently have on the server will have most of the normal items in stock (basic needs and resources, a.k.a renewables)
  • The way to gain currency is to either sell to players directly or to the Exchange. The more items in the exchange the less you will get for your items.
  • With this we will allow automatic farms and mob farms, as long as they are within reason (Anything that slows down the server to a crawl is a no-go)
  • Your farmed items will have a base value and depending on supply and demand prices will fluctuate. Non-renewables and hard to get items will have a higher base price.
  • In essence this means that you could automate for a few Astrals per item, or go out and explore for items that could be easily worth hundreds of Astrals on the market.

That is the idea, and we would love to hear a response from you. Would you perhaps change something, adjust or detail down on a specific part of it, or do you have a different idea? Let us know below.


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1.11 and us

Hello Astrians,

Long time no see.

Out last post was in august. Server relaunch came and went, players came and went too, 1.11 update came and went and we really didn't do anything with it. Personal life took a precedence as college life took its toll and with that the server didn't recieve any of the love that it deserved.

First off we still want to thank those few players who still visited the server from time to time to play and would like to invite them to discuss what to do with the server in the poll below.

As far as we could see 1.11 adds a lot of cool things to minecraft, but with that a lot of the plugins we currently have aren't compatible. We could update anyway, disregarding most of the plugins that can't update (most are cosmetic). With this comes the fact that because 1.11 is the exploration update we got to switch stuff up yet again.

So proposed is to update to 1.11.2, to keep the current map as a build world, the resource world becomes the main map, with no border, and griefing will not be allowed anywhere anymore.

Anyway, hit me up somewhere, either here or on steam and let me know what you think.


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Update and map download

Hello Astrians,

Small update, spawn now has a new visitor, who will sell you specialty blocks that sometimes might not appear in the resource world for several months. He isn't cheap, but he is the most convenient way of obtaining blocks that you otherwise would have to be lucky to get, or have to wait several resource worlds for to obtain.

And for those of you who asked, here is the mapdownload from the old map:

~Astria staff

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1.10 Q&A

Hello Astrians,

As mentioned before there would be a post adressing all your questions and more before the server would relaunch. Well, here it is:

So when will this change take place?
We will be relaunching Astria, with the new map, friday the 5th of august at 9PM GMT+1 / 12PM PST / 3PM EDT. Keep in mind that with timezones this might be a little earlier or later for you. A countdown clock on the website will follow shortly.


Will we be able to bring over items from the other world to help kick start some of our projects/ the economy?
Short answer: No,
Long answer: Seeing as the map will be a fullout new launch everyone will start over, the only thing people will keep is their donation rank that they had on the old server. Anything else will need to be earned on the new server. We seen that the kill monsters economy favours those heavily that just kill monsters all day and we want to stay away from that whole ordeal. Mostly just allowing people to do what they like, be it exploring the map, building a lot, or just helping people out.

The new map will allow players to get their money a bit more regulated, roughly 1000 Astrals a day if you do everything, so the more you play the more Astrals you could aquire, both voting and doing daily quests providing you these astrals both plitting 50/50. The quests available will suit to everyone ranging from killing monsters, to mining, to exploring the world.

You're not forced to do any of these though, and you could even trade for goods with other players or just help them out with their own builds.


How will this new anti-grief work since we won't have towny anymore?
Instead of towny with upkeep we'll be using GriefPrevention. Now how will this work? Upon placing your first chest the 9x9 area around it will be automatically claimed by you, and with it a link to an introductory video if you need it. This area is now yours and nobody can touch anything in this claim including animals. As you start out you have 100 blocks to claim as yours, and the longer you play this claim goes up and allow you to claim more. So you start out, go mining for an hour, build your first house etc. 

On the ground will also be a goldblock and glowstone border, to show you how your current claim looks like, and you can use a stick to check it's dimensions and how many blocks have been claimed and by who. After your first claim you can safely move your chest around in it, this will not change your claim.

If you want to allow others to build on your claim you can /trust <player> to allow them to build on your claim. If you don't want them to build, but do have access to your chests, type /containertrust <player>. If you just want people to open your doors and nothing else, use /accesstrust. 

If you do want to move your claim, there are several ways. If you want to move your initial claim, type /abandonclaim and replace your chest elsewhere, this will claim the area around this chests again. Or once you have more land to claim, or want a added landclaim, you'll need a golden shovel. If you want to resize your current claim, just right click a corner with your golden shovel and then right click again on where you want the corner to go. If you want a new landclaim just right click on where you want the corner to go, and then right click again on where you want the oposite corner to go.

For anything outside your claim, please use /lock to lock your doors and chests.

And if there still is someone that griefed your house or build just ask a staff member and we are glad to help you out resolving it


Is there anything that changed regarding rules or layout?
As a trial we are having a community mine in the resource world, it's the first thing you'll see when going to the resource world and is open to everyone to walk down and start a mining trip from. It also has furnaces to smelt your ores just to help those out who would like to quickly smelt their ores without having to go back to their houses and then head back into the mine again. 

Another change is there won't be any warps, but we'll be using something called waystones. To obtain waystones you can buy them from the alchemist in his tower at spawn, either 1 for a specific location, in bulk, or all waystones for a small discount. And these will take you to different locations on the map. You will also get a few of these if you follow your introductory quest once you join the server. 
How you travel from these waystone locations is up to you though, if you want to build a railstation that leads to several locations, or perhaps make an underground ice boat track is all up to the players.


Anything completely new?
The map will feature brewing. You can ferment items in a heated cauldron, distill them in a brewing stand and age them in a barrel for several minecraft days. Which recipe leads to which type of drink is up for you to find out. Just know that the better you brew them the better effects you will get from your drink. 
And yes you can get drunk, and this will affect gameplay a little bit by wobbeling your character around against your will, chat being slurred if you drink too much and even waking up elsewhere when you get too drunk once you log out. We'll see if these features stay fun or will opt to remove a few if they start to get anoying.

Brewing will start simple at first, but we'll be adding several recipes for you to find out and will offer recipe rewards for those who win future contests.


This concludes the little Q&A for now, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
~Astria Staff

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1.10 Astria relaunch

Hello Astrians,

It's been quiet on the server for the last few months, interest has waned and the playerbase has been very small. But this summer will hopefully change that. How you may wonder?

We're going to relaunch the server with our 1.10 update. Some things will change, some things will stay the same. But with this we hope to get everyone playing again, to build together, and have an amazing time.

As mentioned in a forum post called "A thing?" you can all see a little teaser of what the map will have in store for you. The map will trump the size of the old Astriacraft map, roughly by a scale 15x. It's landscape will be bigger, more breath taking, and a joy just to explore, let alone build on. It's areas will be bigger so you won't feel cramped in building space. More continious space so you wont find an ocean at every side of where you want to build. Biomes ranging from plains as far as the eye can see to a treacherous volcano landscape just waiting to be conquered and lush coral reefs waiting to be adorned.

So what can you expect on our brand new map?
As mentioned some things will stay the same, some other things have been drastically changed. 1.10 will be seen as a restart, and with that everyone will start anew, the only exception being those who donated in the past will keep their donation ranks, you've bought these to support us and we will not be taking them from you as you start playing on the server again.

Spawn has been made smaller, easier to get around and easier to leave. No more wondering where you need to go. What is there has a reason to be there, and the rest of the map is up for you to explore.

As mentioned before the map is vast, and although we toyed with the idea of a railstation that the old map had, it isn't viable to travel up to 20 minutes by minecart to get around, so we are introducing waystone, provided to you by starting quest and buyable from spawn as an easy way to get to parts of the map. How you travel from there is up to you, and yes, railtracks are allowed.

The economy from the last map will be reset, and the old system of killing monsters to obtain Astrals has been removed. Everyone will start fresh and will be able to obtain Astrals through trading, quests and voting.

Towny is gone and replaced with a new system, and no longer will you be required to pump hours into trying to keep your town alive. You will now be able to claim blocks, it's amount increasing just by playing on the server longer.

And here we will end our sneak preview, but do expect updates in the upcoming days about the release date aswell as more detailed teasers of what is to come.
I am sure you have many questions, post them underneath, or on the forums and we will try and adress them in our upcoming posts.

Hope to see you there,
~Astria Staff


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