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Hi!  I feel weird being the first post here, but someone has to be!

I'm Ripper_Doc.  I'm a homemaker, I have three wonderful kids and yes, they got me started on minecraft.  I like to think I try not to cause drama both through my actions and words, but I think I'm a little bias on that opinion.  I've been on the server for a few days now and I really do love it.  I love the idea of a resource world so the main world isn't so heavily modified that it looses both it's appeal and beauty.  I've only met one person so far and he's pretty awesome, I look forward to meeting more players.

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Hi! I don't get to playing much minecraft anymore, but it's great that you are liking the server so far! Many people who play on it are great friends with each other, and I'm sure they'll be just the same to you! I hope to see you around some time!



  I look forward to it!


Hey! Glad to see a new face on the server! If you have a chance this weekend you should stop on to say hi!



Hello! Very nice to meet you :)

I love how everyone has a different way that they got introduced to Minecraft. Whether it's through friends, family, anonymous online recommendations or otherwise. It's very good to have you on the server!

As I'm back at university for the time being, I don't have much time to play Minecraft. But I'll make sure to hop on to say hello every now & again!