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Hello Astrians,


The server has updated to 1.9, and with that all the new content should now be available for you to play with. So go get your chorus plants, we all know that's what you've been waiting for.

We updated with most of our critical plugins updated, and sadly some of our cosmetic and gamemode ones didn't make it. They'll be added back later, either once they update, or once a suitable replacement is found.
Please let us know if something isn't working on the forums, and we'll try and solve it as soon as possible.

So what can you expect now that the server is updated. The end and the nether have gotten a reset, and the resourceworld now again is back to being endless. The area north of spawn will be released in the near future for you to build on, together with an elytra flight track. We'll be launching a new buildcontest for you to win prizes in and we'll be releasing our next dungeon for you to battle through and get some amazing rewards from. 

We hope to see you soon,
~Astria staff


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Yay! cant wait to get on!


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This is awesome ill be on all day!!!! I hope people start coming on more!!!!