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1.10 Astria relaunch

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Hello Astrians,

It's been quiet on the server for the last few months, interest has waned and the playerbase has been very small. But this summer will hopefully change that. How you may wonder?

We're going to relaunch the server with our 1.10 update. Some things will change, some things will stay the same. But with this we hope to get everyone playing again, to build together, and have an amazing time.

As mentioned in a forum post called "A thing?" you can all see a little teaser of what the map will have in store for you. The map will trump the size of the old Astriacraft map, roughly by a scale 15x. It's landscape will be bigger, more breath taking, and a joy just to explore, let alone build on. It's areas will be bigger so you won't feel cramped in building space. More continious space so you wont find an ocean at every side of where you want to build. Biomes ranging from plains as far as the eye can see to a treacherous volcano landscape just waiting to be conquered and lush coral reefs waiting to be adorned.

So what can you expect on our brand new map?
As mentioned some things will stay the same, some other things have been drastically changed. 1.10 will be seen as a restart, and with that everyone will start anew, the only exception being those who donated in the past will keep their donation ranks, you've bought these to support us and we will not be taking them from you as you start playing on the server again.

Spawn has been made smaller, easier to get around and easier to leave. No more wondering where you need to go. What is there has a reason to be there, and the rest of the map is up for you to explore.

As mentioned before the map is vast, and although we toyed with the idea of a railstation that the old map had, it isn't viable to travel up to 20 minutes by minecart to get around, so we are introducing waystone, provided to you by starting quest and buyable from spawn as an easy way to get to parts of the map. How you travel from there is up to you, and yes, railtracks are allowed.

The economy from the last map will be reset, and the old system of killing monsters to obtain Astrals has been removed. Everyone will start fresh and will be able to obtain Astrals through trading, quests and voting.

Towny is gone and replaced with a new system, and no longer will you be required to pump hours into trying to keep your town alive. You will now be able to claim blocks, it's amount increasing just by playing on the server longer.

And here we will end our sneak preview, but do expect updates in the upcoming days about the release date aswell as more detailed teasers of what is to come.
I am sure you have many questions, post them underneath, or on the forums and we will try and adress them in our upcoming posts.

Hope to see you there,
~Astria Staff


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Been wanting to get interested in Minecraft again, this will be fun!

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Cannot wait to play, It's been such a long while.


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So when whill this change take place and will we be able to bring over items from the other world to help kick start some of our projects/ the economy?