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1.10 Q&A

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Hello Astrians,

As mentioned before there would be a post adressing all your questions and more before the server would relaunch. Well, here it is:

So when will this change take place?
We will be relaunching Astria, with the new map, friday the 5th of august at 9PM GMT+1 / 12PM PST / 3PM EDT. Keep in mind that with timezones this might be a little earlier or later for you. A countdown clock on the website will follow shortly.


Will we be able to bring over items from the other world to help kick start some of our projects/ the economy?
Short answer: No,
Long answer: Seeing as the map will be a fullout new launch everyone will start over, the only thing people will keep is their donation rank that they had on the old server. Anything else will need to be earned on the new server. We seen that the kill monsters economy favours those heavily that just kill monsters all day and we want to stay away from that whole ordeal. Mostly just allowing people to do what they like, be it exploring the map, building a lot, or just helping people out.

The new map will allow players to get their money a bit more regulated, roughly 1000 Astrals a day if you do everything, so the more you play the more Astrals you could aquire, both voting and doing daily quests providing you these astrals both plitting 50/50. The quests available will suit to everyone ranging from killing monsters, to mining, to exploring the world.

You're not forced to do any of these though, and you could even trade for goods with other players or just help them out with their own builds.


How will this new anti-grief work since we won't have towny anymore?
Instead of towny with upkeep we'll be using GriefPrevention. Now how will this work? Upon placing your first chest the 9x9 area around it will be automatically claimed by you, and with it a link to an introductory video if you need it. This area is now yours and nobody can touch anything in this claim including animals. As you start out you have 100 blocks to claim as yours, and the longer you play this claim goes up and allow you to claim more. So you start out, go mining for an hour, build your first house etc. 

On the ground will also be a goldblock and glowstone border, to show you how your current claim looks like, and you can use a stick to check it's dimensions and how many blocks have been claimed and by who. After your first claim you can safely move your chest around in it, this will not change your claim.

If you want to allow others to build on your claim you can /trust <player> to allow them to build on your claim. If you don't want them to build, but do have access to your chests, type /containertrust <player>. If you just want people to open your doors and nothing else, use /accesstrust. 

If you do want to move your claim, there are several ways. If you want to move your initial claim, type /abandonclaim and replace your chest elsewhere, this will claim the area around this chests again. Or once you have more land to claim, or want a added landclaim, you'll need a golden shovel. If you want to resize your current claim, just right click a corner with your golden shovel and then right click again on where you want the corner to go. If you want a new landclaim just right click on where you want the corner to go, and then right click again on where you want the oposite corner to go.

For anything outside your claim, please use /lock to lock your doors and chests.

And if there still is someone that griefed your house or build just ask a staff member and we are glad to help you out resolving it


Is there anything that changed regarding rules or layout?
As a trial we are having a community mine in the resource world, it's the first thing you'll see when going to the resource world and is open to everyone to walk down and start a mining trip from. It also has furnaces to smelt your ores just to help those out who would like to quickly smelt their ores without having to go back to their houses and then head back into the mine again. 

Another change is there won't be any warps, but we'll be using something called waystones. To obtain waystones you can buy them from the alchemist in his tower at spawn, either 1 for a specific location, in bulk, or all waystones for a small discount. And these will take you to different locations on the map. You will also get a few of these if you follow your introductory quest once you join the server. 
How you travel from these waystone locations is up to you though, if you want to build a railstation that leads to several locations, or perhaps make an underground ice boat track is all up to the players.


Anything completely new?
The map will feature brewing. You can ferment items in a heated cauldron, distill them in a brewing stand and age them in a barrel for several minecraft days. Which recipe leads to which type of drink is up for you to find out. Just know that the better you brew them the better effects you will get from your drink. 
And yes you can get drunk, and this will affect gameplay a little bit by wobbeling your character around against your will, chat being slurred if you drink too much and even waking up elsewhere when you get too drunk once you log out. We'll see if these features stay fun or will opt to remove a few if they start to get anoying.

Brewing will start simple at first, but we'll be adding several recipes for you to find out and will offer recipe rewards for those who win future contests.


This concludes the little Q&A for now, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
~Astria Staff


Yay!  Unfortunately I'll miss the grand opening.   Out of town without computer this weekend.

Hope to see everyone the following week. 

What about those who paid for the donation rank to have the extra /home warps? i paid money to have stuff taken away, great, just like the rest of it

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If you would read the first post:

"As mentioned some things will stay the same, some other things have been drastically changed. 1.10 will be seen as a restart, and with that everyone will start anew, the only exception being those who donated in the past will keep their donation ranks, you've bought these to support us and we will not be taking them from you as you start playing on the server again."

And again in this post:

"Seeing as the map will be a fullout new launch everyone will start over, the only thing people will keep is their donation rank that they had on the old server." 

To add to that, because we've removed a few cosmetic options, we've even increased the amounts of /homes and /locks these donation ranks have.


Just watched the GriefPrevention videos.  Pretty cool plugin.  The subdivision stuff looks like it could be fun.