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Getting Started on the New Astria

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Getting Started on the New Astria

Hey Everyone, Bacon here! *finger guns*  With the server restart, a lot of things have changed on Astria. This guide series is intended to make catching up a lot easier on all of you. This post is going to cover the new map, ways to get around, and reminders of all the resources available on the server.


So, let’s kick things off with the basics. You logged onto the server, and you’ve got nothing but the starter kit tools and the clothes on your back. What I would suggest doing first is talking to Moonti, the Event Manager. You can go on a beginner’s quest with him, that will introduce you to the spawn city and the map. Note that the beginners quest can only be completed once. In addition, you can go back to him and ask him questions about the map, as well as some introductory questions that this guide answers as well. In the future, Moonti will be used to answer questions about events on the server, such as build contests and tournaments.


After talking to Moonti and going on his introductory quest, you’ll probably have a basic understanding of spawn city. Now, you might be interested in going to the resource world, or you might want to go out into the world to stake a claim immediately. Making claims is fairly straightforward, but I’m going to go into more detail about it in the next guide post. For now, all you need to know is that when you place down your first chest, you claim an area in a 9x9 square with the chest as the center. You can move the chest after the claim is made, and you can unclaim it with /unclaim. The claim is outlined in gold blocks and glowstone, it goes down with you as you dig, and up as far as build height. I’ll go into more detail about claims in the next post, but for now you have the basics.


The map is always available in the Alchemist’s tower, located in the spawn city. Otherwise, you can always go to in order to see the dynmap. The biomes currently on the map include mesa, forest, glacier, tiki, jungle, woodlands, volcano and many more. All of these biomes are available through waystones, which are single-use and can be purchased from the Alchemist.


The economy is based on voting and questing. Monster kills will no longer give Astrals. However, there are 5 daily quests that can be repeated every 20 hours for 100a each. The quests include woodcutting, mining, fishing, hunting, and item delivery.


Voting is most easily completed ingame, by using the command /vote. You can click on the links, and each will take you to the voting site. A reward of 125a is given per voting site, and after you vote for all 4 sites, you receive a moneybag worth a random amount of money from 50a-150a. With each daily quest, plus voting, it is possible to receive a total of at least 1000a per day.


So there you have it, a basic introduction to the new Astria. We hope you enjoy it for now, and be sure to let the staff know about any concerns you have. Most importantly, have fun!


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