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1.11 and us

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Hello Astrians,

Long time no see.

Out last post was in august. Server relaunch came and went, players came and went too, 1.11 update came and went and we really didn't do anything with it. Personal life took a precedence as college life took its toll and with that the server didn't recieve any of the love that it deserved.

First off we still want to thank those few players who still visited the server from time to time to play and would like to invite them to discuss what to do with the server in the poll below.

As far as we could see 1.11 adds a lot of cool things to minecraft, but with that a lot of the plugins we currently have aren't compatible. We could update anyway, disregarding most of the plugins that can't update (most are cosmetic). With this comes the fact that because 1.11 is the exploration update we got to switch stuff up yet again.

So proposed is to update to 1.11.2, to keep the current map as a build world, the resource world becomes the main map, with no border, and griefing will not be allowed anywhere anymore.

Anyway, hit me up somewhere, either here or on steam and let me know what you think.



Excited to see what comes next!

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