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1.11 and you

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Hey Astrians,

We've been working hard to get the server up and going for the 1.11 update and with that come choices. But instead of making that a single person's choice we're doing it by a community vote.

The rules will stay mostly intact, but we wanted to adress 2 points on it. First off the "No automatic farms allowed"

  • A fully automatic farm is defined as a farm that you can set up & walk away from your keyboard and continue to gather items or exp. If you need to stay at your computer to continue using the farm, then it is allowed as a semi-automatic farm.
  • These semi-automatic farms include farm animals such as Chickens, Cows, Sheep, Pig, Rabbits, Horses and Wolves.

We want your take on this, should we change the rules to allow these farms in the future?
Our two biggest concerns at the time was that it would have an impact on the player economy and an impact on the server with farms running all the time. The first concern is still there, but second concern (unless the farms become too massive) isn't there anymore.

On the flipside what is does allow is more resources to work with on builds, and having more time for players to gather non-automatable and finite resources.

The second rule is  "Mob farms are not allowed"

  • By simple definition this is farming monsters to get resources and currency. Doing this will result in a ban.
  • Methods of mob farming include, but are not limited to, keeping a room dark to spawn and kill monsters, being able to stand still while having your dogs kill mobs for you, funnelling monsters to be mass killed, having a village spawning infinite villagers, having a village spawn iron golems repeatedly, having an automatic monster farm or what ever else the staff deems to be a mob farm.

Most of the reasoning is the same as above, and the most important one is economic impact.
But currently we feel that within reason these farms could be beneficial to the player base. Being able to farm skeletons for bones to create bone blocks to build with for example or having a small supply of iron to keep your tools repaired and going to have you focus more on expanding your builds instead of having to worry about your axe breaking all the time.

We know that within reason might be hard to govern. What is reasonable and what becomes too big? But we also want to enable players to be less constricted with the blocks they can use in their build. 

So our proposal currently stands as follows:

  • We will remove the ability to gain currency from killing entities.
  • The Grand Exchange that we currently have on the server will have most of the normal items in stock (basic needs and resources, a.k.a renewables)
  • The way to gain currency is to either sell to players directly or to the Exchange. The more items in the exchange the less you will get for your items.
  • With this we will allow automatic farms and mob farms, as long as they are within reason (Anything that slows down the server to a crawl is a no-go)
  • Your farmed items will have a base value and depending on supply and demand prices will fluctuate. Non-renewables and hard to get items will have a higher base price.
  • In essence this means that you could automate for a few Astrals per item, or go out and explore for items that could be easily worth hundreds of Astrals on the market.

That is the idea, and we would love to hear a response from you. Would you perhaps change something, adjust or detail down on a specific part of it, or do you have a different idea? Let us know below.



I feel like this is reasonable. I don't see myself using any real automatic farms, but I wouldn't mind if others had it. Especially if the economy can adapt to that.

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