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1.11 Release

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Hey Astrians,

We got this! Whooo

So 1.11 is right at our doorstep, some people reached out to us and we discussed several things. And with that we shaped Astria 1.11 around a little bit,

So let's drop the finalized Astria 1.11 plan:

  • We will allow farms, as long as they are reasonable, on the server. This can be an automatic sugarcane farm, this can be a skeleton farms, whatever you can think off and create. Just keep in mind that you're not the only one on the server, so keep it reasonable. If it's starts lagging out the server we're going to give out warnings, or flat out tear the build down.
  • There will be no virtual currency. This is a change from our earlier proposed plan, and the reason for it is pretty simple, instead of trying to regulate farmed goods with an arbitrary price and trying to figure out a good way to balance not putting too much money into the economy or trying ways to get it out of the community we've just opted to remove currency altogether. We believe that item for item trade will be a good way to go forward and promote a little bit more of player interaction.
  • The resourceworld will be making a return. But not in the old way that we used it before. Resourceworld will become a singe amplified map, with monsters increasing in difficulty as you move out further and further. This has 2 reasons: 1) We want to give players who are looking for more challenging combat a way to go out and fight with monsters that are actually a bit of a challenge. 2) With the introduction of farms the need for actual resources becomes more focussed on non farmable blocks, which an amplified world has plenty off.
  • We will have a creative build world. Astria's 1.10 map, at hindsight, was a pretty good building world, but was pretty bad for survival, with lots of mountains and hardly any flat spaces to properly settle. So with the release of 1.11 we will change 1.10 to a creative map. You will be able to get there from spawn and can finish projects that you still have there, or start new ones you just want to build. For those who want just the survival map, we will release a world download before this change in the near future.
  • GriefPrevention. In 1.10 we tested out GriefPrevention over towny and we we're pretty happy with how it held up. Starting from what we learned, together with the voice of the community 1.11 will continue to have this plugin but the claimsize will be much bigger. Both Creative and Survival will have their own instance of Griefprevention, so the longer you play on a specific server the higher your claim amount becomes on that server.
  • There is no world border and there are more options for transportation. We want to give the players the freedom to settle where they want. So with that we are removing the world border and giving you the opertunity to settle where ever you feel like. Yes this will create some lag as you generate land, so keep that in mind when playing, but if you want to settle in a mooshroom island 5000 blocks away from spawn, you can. With that we are also enabling a bit more transportation. Railcarts will be a little bit smarter, allowing you to again make a railway to spawn, without having it take 20 minutes of a trainride. The nether will be available to hop from portal to portal, because why walk 80 blocks if you can do it in 10. Or perhaps just ride an airscooter there. 

These are the major points that we wanted to share. Ofcourse there will be more changes, but those will be a nice surprise when you log in.

See you at launch,
~Astria staff


Will we be able to transfer items over from the old 1.10 map to the 1.11 one? Or will this officially be a clear wipe and a new start to everything?

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So this has been a somewhat major point of debate with the staff, but we felt as we were stepping away from a currency based economy to a more item driven economy that allowing people to keep their items from the old map would be a bit unfair. Especially since even the rare blocks were buyable with a merchant at spawn.

That said, if you have written books, lore items or things that can't be replaced (we are not talking about a good enhanted diamond sword here but for example the only dragon egg of 1.10) just contact us an we will help you get these items over to the new map.

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Are you going to put the old map up for download?


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Yes, it'll be up within a day.