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1.11 Launch and 1.10 world download

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Hello Astrians,

Today we will softlaunch Astria 1.11, that means that you, faithfull astrian who has already played on the server, will have a few hours of headstart before we launch Astria into the wide world tonight at 9pm (euro time).

With this small headstart you are free to do as you please. Try out the new plugins, settle somewhere nice, generate more map as you explore or kickstart your emperium to achieve world domination. We want to use it to slowly ease the serverload.

If you find anything that doesn't work, or have some suggestions, just let us know and we will have look into it before the floodgates open tonight.

The server is open, see you online,
~Astria staff



World download 1.10 survival:

Also as promised here is the 1.10 world download before the world is changed into creative. It sits at a little over 800mb, so make sure you have enough space when downloading it.