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Site downtime

Because we're upgrading and updating

Hey Astrians,

Today you might expect some website downtime as we are migrating to our new site. This might also include a little downtime on the servers through and If this is the case use and respectively to connect to them. If all goes well the site will be up with a new and improved look, but we are still working on improving it.

This also means we will be migrating away from enjin, so you might need to register with the new site to post on the new forums. Depending on how it goes the first month we might have to switch things around.

And as always your advice and comments are appreciated.

Hope to see you on the new site,
~Astria staff


WPRI268am's picture

So, are the posts going to get migrated over, or are we basically starting fresh with the website?


If you want certain posts to be migrated, then we'll do that. Just let us know which posts.

Official posts and such are going to be moved over. Lore, certain discussions, etc.

Teh website is alive again, with a pretty new background on the splash page.  A sign of more goodness to come? ^_^