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Small updates

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Hello Astrians,

Pagan mouths worship pagan gods; false idols for false promises.

1.11 launch is going smoothly, and 1.12 release is just around the corner so we're kinda on the downlow with updates. Seeing how the plugins we have now get used and only adding some quality of life changes until 1.12.

So with that, the weather shrine is back at spawn, the shrine everyone didn't know existed in the old map. Having a terrible rainy day? Slept multiple day and night cycles trying to get better weather and it's still storming like crazy? Then this shrine is for you. For the small, small price of having absolutely the worst of luck you can make it sunny with the press of a button.

The greenhouse plugin got a little tweak as being far too overpowered in its original state. So now you need to be close to your crops for them to actually benefit grom the greenhouse effect.

What can I say? I like it when it's raining, the fish bite better then.
~Astria Staff