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1.12 Announcement

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Hey Astrians,

Another update? 

Mojang announced 1.12 to be released this Friday (They just anounced it will be wednessday the 7th). Which means that we will follow suit shortly after that.

If Spigot and our essential plugins are updated we will take that update almost instantly. This means that we might need to sacrifice some current plugins until they are updated at that point. Seeing plugin development across versions for minecraft isn't the most stable and continuous either it might also be that we won't see some plugins back at all.

Planned for the 1.12 update so far is that both Survival and Creative will update to 1.12. and with that the creative server will also get its current resource world replaced with a flat world and we'll get rid of that horrendous lag creative causes every 6 hours to both server when it saves.

Once 1.12 hits we will know more and will have you updated on Astria's update shedule and every plugin that is either removed or disabled until they are updated or replaced.

If you have any questions just place a comment down below,
~Astria staff