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Little updates everywhere

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And you get an update and you get an update, everyone gets an update!

Hello Astrians,

This time we have a bunch of little updates scattered all over the place. It's been about a month since we moved hosts, and made our own website. We're getting to the point where we like what we have and only have to change a few little tid bits left and right. And with that we would like to invite you to write something on our forums, which can be about anything. Perhaps you have some lore to write, a newspaper to publish, or perhaps you feel like you're missing something ingame or on the website itself. Let us know on the forums.

Voting is back, which means you can vote for our website on different server listings, and for doing so you will earn token rewards. These token rewards will be exchangable for items in the near future, but you can stockpile on them already just to have a headstart. You can see which listings you can vote on by using the big radial menu and clicking the vote button.

Teamspeak is also back. Nothing fancy here, just use in your teamspeak client to connect, and chatter about with whoever you like. 

In the radial menu the map is also back, giving you a nice aerial overview of your builds you are currently working on, or perhaps peek on someone else's build while you're at it. 

Modded had a little oopsie due to a chunkloader gone rogue, the server is up again, but sadly all chunkloaders had to be removed from the map. They are back in to be crafted, but please make sure that in these last weeks of the modded season to not destroy the map before it is put up to download. Be considerate about the chunkloaders boundaries, and don't rely on them too heavily and just supervise heavy tasks like erecting a giant floating island out of the ground.
We are also aware that due to us moving hosting the ip might sometimes not connect you, if this is still the case, let us know and in the mean time please use to connect.

Vanilla, as some of you have seen already, is getting a little addition, we are working on a new spawn, and are releasing some new areas in the near future. But more on that in a later post.

Till next time,
~Astria staff


Love the little "xxx players online" things at the bottom of the page. ^_^

Thanks! Took Denn ages to get it, much rejoicing was had once he did it. :D