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New spawn? New spawn.

A cool, damp wind brushes the hair from the back of your neck, and you glance around anxiously. The streetlamps flicker dimly in the darkness. Where is he? you think to yourself, shifting your weight nervously from one foot to the other. He said he’d be here…

The previous night, an unkempt man had beckoned you from the alleyway, giving you a nearly toothless grin. His beard was scraggly, his eyes were wild. “How’d ya like to see somethin’ new?” he had murmured, eyes darting restlessly around, as if looking for someone who had yet failed to appear. “Something new?” You had no idea what the man was on about, but he nodded excitedly as you repeated his words back at him. “Aye, somethin’ new. Somethin’ ya never seen ‘afore.” You shake your head, doubting the man’s sanity and backing out of the alley. He cackles at your nervousness. “Meet me att’a big noticeboard in the center o’ town tomorra’ night, an’ I’ll show ya.”

In spite of your best judgement, you found yourself gravitating towards the center of spawn by the time the sun began to set, and now you stand here in the dark, looking around for the man. You find the thought of something, whatever that ‘something’ might be, irresistibly tempting, and you have to find out what the crazy old man had been going on about.

As suddenly as a candle flame being snuffed out, the lamps around the center of the city are all blown out. The wind blows stronger at your neck, the smell of salt water and brine whirling around you. You feel slightly nauseous, and back up against the solid wood of the noticeboard. A low chuckle alerts you to the presence of someone else, and you look to your left to find that the man has seemingly materialized next to you. He grabs your arm and you try to pull away, but he is much stronger than he looks. “Righ’, somethin’ new,” he mutters, eyes alight with a feverish glee. Fear courses through you, but before you can attempt to fight his grip, you feel yourself being pushed against- no, through- the noticeboard. You plummet downwards, feeling your body being tossed and thrown in every direction, and you lose sense of what’s up and down.

As suddenly as the sickening whirling began, it stops. Your eyes are squeezed tightly shut against the gale, but as the wind subsides to what it was before, you slowly peel them open. You look around, and find yourself in a completely new location. The ground beneath you is obsidian, but cracked, and strewn haphazardly into the ground, pounded into the earth. The noticeboard appears the same, but as you turn around, a completely new sight meets your eyes.

Three gaping ruins glare at you, dark and looming maws for entrances. You stride forward to approach them, and find the stones to be cracked and crumbling. Upon closer investigation, you find clues that hint at their purposes. Vines and water surrounding one indicate the life of another world, where bright red rock and lava indicate a fiery hell in the depths of another portal. White, deathly looking stone adorns the third portal, and you decide it must signify another dimension entirely.

You continue on the path to the right, and see what appears to be a garden with a high iron fence. A man grumbles to himself, picking at a weed within the garden. You approach him, and he informs you that you’re intruding on private property, and unless you have business involving traveling with the waystones, to scram. As you walk back along the path, you glimpse what appears to be a huge, imposing castle in the corner of your eye. The doors are shut, but you’re curious as to what lays behind them. As you head back to the obsidian spot in the grass, you hear a shout. “Hey, you!” You turn, and lock eyes with a grizzled looking man. “New here, are ya?” The man offers to tell you a thing or two about the city, and you gladly accept his offer. Perhaps he can explain where you’ve ended up, and help you find your way around.

New spawn? New spawn.

Hey guys. So as you may have noticed, Astria is getting a new spawn. The aim of the spawn is to be prettier and easier to understand than the old one. Let us know if we hit that goal or not.

If you had a house in the old spawn, we’ll move it over to the new spawn, free of charge. If you want to buy a plot in the new spawn, contact an owner. Same goes for market stalls

Bugs can be directed to either Denn or Bacon.