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Modded season 1.5

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Hey Astrians,

So modded season 1 ended a long time ago, and after the new spawn, and some much needed under the hood updates (have you seen the server crash lately? Neither have I). We are now releasing our second season of modded for Astria.

This season we are going with a mod pack, partially because I'm hard to decide what to put in a custom one this time around, so that will be for another season, but also because some give a nice basework to start with for new players as their quests guide new players to modded content and what to do. And no more messing around with the custom launcher. 

This season we will be playing Agrarian Skies 2, which has been around for a little bit, but with that said has that nice start up feel into modded content. 

So how will you be able to play. Grab Agrarian Skies 2, version 1.1.14, from your favorite launcher of choice that provides it. Get the fix in that they promised a month ago. (How to is at the bottom of this post) and you are good to go for playing on Talk with Mr Guide at spawn and after that you can play alone, you can play with others, just pick 1 of the free towers of choice and use your quest book to get started. If there are no more stones, just let me know and I will build more windmills ^__^

If you have anymore questions, just put them in the season 2 forums.

Happy modded,
~Astria staff

P.s The fix, with their last update they forgot to remove some spaces in one of their agricraft files. With this 8 items, seeds to be exact, don't seem to work. How to fix this:
Either download the new CustomCrop.txt and replace it with the one in config/Agricraft. Or go to your config/Agricraft/CustomCrop.txt and remove all the spaces between a ',' and discription. So AlchemicalWizardrybloodRune:0,3,1, Much quieter than hunting becomes AlchemicalWizardrybloodRune:0,3,1,Much quieter than hunting.

It seems like a simple thing, but that is indeed what removes 8 needed items to be able to quest proper. 

P.p.s When installing an alternate way then a launcher, do note that you need mc version 1.7.10 and forge version 1492.

For those with a multimc instance, you can also import this zipfile: