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Astria and 1.9

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Hey Astrians! 1.9 is finally coming out! It’s been a year and five months since 1.8 came out, and just over a year since Astria updated. We’ve been waiting quite a long time for this update. As with most updates, we need to wait for Spigot and most of our plugins to be able to run on 1.9, but rest assured that we’ll do our best to keep the server alive and well as we work out the kinks (meaning not crashing because of unexpected bugs with the update or certain plugins being horribad).

We had some ideas for 1.9 however we want your input too, both for the server itself and the map setup as we continue onwards.

For example if the community would like a place to try out the new update in a vanilla setting (meaning no plugins, no protections, nothing whatsoever) we are happy to say that we will create a new world for players to experiment in with the new updates. We will keep the old map saved, so your stuff isn’t going anywhere.

We hope to see many of you online to try out the new update in the future. And stay tuned as the server comes closer to updating. We have some plans for some of the new toys that will come with 1.9, a contest amongst them aswell as some cool event ideas.

Ofcourse if you have some idea, we are happy to listen. For example, why not revamp the server with plugins we've never had before?

~Astria Staff



Nice to see some activity!  Looking forward to seeing the gang all together again :)

My world preference leans toward the current permanent build space and renewable resource world, simply because it allows easily picking up new blocks added to worldgen in core or mod updates.  I'd actually like to see something more FTB-like than vanilla, although I understand that probably wouldn't work due to some not being able to run modded.  But, but... AE, and Big Reactors, and Thaumcraft golems, and, and... XD