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Modded server? Modded server.

Hello Astria,

So as mentioned in our melon crazed summer event we will be introducing a second server to Astriacraft.

The sever will run 1.7.10 forge and will run modded minecraft. The modpack is a melting pot of well known, up and coming and some rather unknown mods. For season 1 of modded, neither the pack nor the map have a theme or goal. The point is made to rather enjoy modded and to see what you, the players, like and dislike from season 1 so we can improve for the upcoming modded seasons.

For season 1 we will be playing the Astoria modpack, a tryout with a lot of well known mods. Due to favour of the gods you will retrieve a starter kit from the old man at spawn, and you will be free to set out into the wide world from there.

Is there anything different then vanilla next to the mods?
You won't have any prefixes in chat, staff will only have a different colour to differentiate between them and normal players. Modded won't have any /homes or /spawn, yet has other means of getting around. Spawn also features a bank to store some of your valuables, a mail system to send items to other players, a few shops at spawn to help you get started and an item exchange where you are free to put and take items from the storage system.  

What are these seasons you speak of?
As mentioned this will be season 1 of modded to try out if people like or dislike the idea. If people enjoy playing it we will keep the server up and run more seasons. Each season includes different mods, perhaps a different theme, or a different setup (think perhaps skyblock) with either a custom modpack or a currently popular modpack.

How long will a modded season last?
A season will run for roughly 2 months depending on how laggy the server becomes, after that the server will stay open until the new season gets released, and the map will be put up for download after. Don't worry, we will still give Vanilla just as much love during this time.

What do you mean the map will be put up for download?
Due to the nature of modded we can't keep running maps indefinitely, some mods include ores and items which either aren't compatible with other mods, a certain modpack might not run certain mods. So after a season ends the current map will be put up for download and the server will be wiped clean for the new season to start with a new modpack.

Are there any rules for modded?
Most rules that apply on the vanilla server still apply on the modded server. Please keep chat civil and play with each other respectfully and respect each other's builds, that means no griefing. Because we can’t use logblock on a modded server, any instances of griefing will result in a permanent ban on the modded server. Of course a bunch of mods require either monsterdrops, or run to help you kill monsters, therefore the “no automated farms” rule is out the window. Please make sure that if you run these farms to keep them small, or turn them off when you aren't playing to keep the server playable for everyone else. Keep in mind that pvp and even blowing up bases is allowed as long as it is consensual with each other, if so please let us know so before hand.

Where can I get the modpack? Do I need to download everything manually?
We have made a custom launcher for you to use, downloadable at this address. Copy paste it into your browser without the brackets. Put the jar in a folder of its own, double click it and it will download all the files for you when you launch the modpack. Do note you need java 7 for it, downloadable here. Although the modpack is playable with 1GB of memory, it might be wise to increase it a little bit on the options tab to 2GB or more to ensure a bit smoother gameplay.

To play just select the Astoria modpack and log in to minecraft.

Everything is loaded, what is the server address?
The server address is modded.astriacraft.com and it has 15 slots.

What if I don't want to play modded and just vanilla, will I be alone on the server?
No you will not, chat will be connected so you can just chat with those on the other server. And it will either show as [Vanilla] or [Modded] in front of their name to show on which server they are. If they are on the same server they will not have this prefix.

The server should automatically restart after a crash, such is the unstable nature of modded, so give it a few minutes to restart. If it keeps crashing please contact Bacon or me and we will try and get the server up and running again.

Keep in mind this is the first season of modded. We pre-generated part of the map, but people loading in more of the map, travelling through all the dimensions or having a lot of machines running will lag out the server and may create blocklag or other forms or lag. There isn't much we can do about it, so please just try and play around it and try and keep lag from your own builds as little as possible. That means- small mob farms, and limit your use of entities (basically anything you place that isn’t a solid block).

~Astria Staff


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